Velindre Eastern Promise at Nixtev

Age 18 months Age 18 months

Female 'Jade'
DOB: 22/8/93- 19/7/08
Colour:Black and Tan
Offspring: 1 litter, 8 pups
Ch Ravenways Lord Luke of Velindre ex Norwulf the Gold Dancer of Velindre

Hip score 7+5=12

Ch show 1st prize winner.

Stud Book number.

Jade and her favourite toy Jade was never the easiest dog to show as she was slow to mature and a fussy eater up until she was about 3 and a half, but once she'd finally grown out of that she came out and gained her stud book number by winning a strong limit bitch class and 2nd in OB at Manchester Ch show '98.


Sadly PTS just short of her 15th birthday as the back end had given up and she was finding it just too difficult to get up and about.

Age 9.5 yrs

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Ch Ravenways Lord Luke Of Velindre JW
Hips 3:4=7
Ch Velindre Sheya Khan
Black and Tan
Velindre Connaught
Velindre Ovation
Ravenways Justine At Velindre Ch Kerson Kyerk
Black And Gold
Ch Karashea's Amorous
Black And Gold
Norwulf The Gold Dancer At Velindre
Hips 5:5=10
CH Norwulf Fabian Lido Vom Hambachtal
Norwulf Liebestraum
CH Pajawi Fire Dancer Over Norwulf Gregrise Nimbus
Jutones Chloda At Pajawi