Nixtev Audacity

Male 'Connor'
DOB: 16/3/95- 1/3/08
Colour:Black and Gold
Cello v Aschera (imp) ex Velindre Eastern Promise At Nixtev

From our very first litter, Connor never made it to the show ring as he started limping at 4 months old and was diagnosed with UAP (Ununited Anconeal Process) in his right elbow. He also had Pannosteitis that came and went in all his legs until he was over 2 years old.
His UAP was operated on at 8 months old by orthopedic specialist Malcolm Ness and allowed him to live out a normal, pain-free life as Steve's pet.

Sadly died from bloat 1/3/08 just short of his 13th birthday.

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Cello Von Aschera (Imp Ger)
Hips 3:3=6
Vopo Vom Kirschental SchH3
Hips 'A' Stamp
Graded V
Quanda Zur Wolfskammer
Hips 'A' Stamp
Graded V
Velindre Eastern Promise at Nixtev  

Hip score 7:5=12
Black and Tan
Ch Ravenways Lord Luke Of Velindre JW
Hips 3:4=7
Ch Velindre Sheya Khan
Black and Tan
Ravenways Justine At Velindre
Norwulf The Gold Dancer At Velindre
Hips 5:5=10
CH Norwulf Fabian
CH Pajawi Fire Dancer Over Norwulf