Ch Nixtev Lexis

Female 'Lexi'
DOB: 12/4/07- 28/1/21
Offspring: 3 litters, 12 pups
3 CCs, 1 BOB, 4 RCCs, 2 BPIB
Our Dogs Top Mittel Brood Bitch '13

Dig holes? Moi??!!

Health Test Result Date Tester  
KC/BVA Eye Test All Clear 14/4/14 Prof. Peter Bedford
KC/BVA Eye Test All Clear 8/4/13 Prof. Peter Bedford
KC/BVA Eye Test All Clear of inherited eye disease 21/11/11 Professor Bedford L. Corneal Scar
KC/BVA Eye Test NAD/All Clear 22/1/10 John Goodyear
KC/BVA Eye Test Litter Screen All Clear 7/6/07 Malcolm Davidson
Show Results
11/8/12 - Bournemouth Ch Show- CCs - Jeff Horswell 1st OB CC BOB
7/7/12 - East Of England Ch Show- CCs - Tom Caldow 2nd OB RCC
8/11/09 - GS Club Of GB Ch Show- CCs - Betty Peach 2nd LB
4/10/09 - Driffield Ch Show- CCs - Graeme Cruze 1st LB CC
18/9/09 - Darlington Ch Show- Mrs Corry Saes 1st LB Res Best Bitch
1st RBOS Non CC Stakes Judge: Mr Les Aspin
24/7/09 - Leeds Ch Show- Ruth Kimber 1st LB Res Best Bitch
15/5/09 - SKC Ch Show- CCs - Molly Hunter 1st LB
6/3/09 - Crufts Ch Show- CCs - Val Dyer 1st LB
17/1/09 - Manchester Ch Show- CCs - Clare Andrew 2nd LB
13/12/08 - LKA Ch Show- CCs - Christine Hughes 1st LB RCC
6/12/08 - BUBA Ch Show- CCs - Hazel Fitzgibbon 2nd LB
8/11/08 - GS Club Of GB Ch Show- CCs - Liz Cartledge 1st LB
19/9/08 - Driffield Ch Show- CCs - Elsa Dickinson 1st JB, 1st YB RCC
20/6/08 - Blackpool Ch Show- CCs - Betty Flavell 1st JB RCC
27/4/08 - WELKS Ch Show- CCs - Ernie Paterson 1st JB CC
29/3/08 - GS Club Of GB Open Show- Mark Coccoza 1st PB
6/3/08 - Crufts Ch Show- CCs - Martin Freeman 1st PB BPIB
18/1/08 - Manchester Ch Show- CCs - Janette Taylor 2nd PB
7/12/07 - LKA Ch Show- CCs - Frank Kane 1st PB BPIB
1/12/07 - BUBA Ch Show- CCs - Ralph Ensz 2nd MPB, 1st PB
4/5/07 - GS Club Of GB Ch Show- CCs - Albert Wight 1st MPB, 1st PB Best Puppy Bitch Res BPIB
Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Rossfort Baltic Pacesetter  

2 RCCs
Condor Aus Dem Norden
Sascha vom Lenninger Tal
Yelina Aus Dem Norden
Rossfort Henrietta
Ch Kuseley Cleverclogs JW
Rikarlo Inkspot
Black with White Markings
Ch Runfold China Crisis at Nixtev  

15 CCs, 2 BOB, 9 Res CCs, 1 BPIB

Ch Runfold Northern Lights
Wyndlee Hey Jude At Rasnak
Wyndlee Irish Velvet At Kuseley
Wyndlee Snow 'n' Ice from Runfold
Callapins King Of Winter At Oregons
Wyndlee Freida