Dorjontal Jasmin at Nixtev

Female 'Gabby'
DOB: 3/4/97- 2/5/08
Offspring: 3 litters, 16 pups
Jupaala Tony ex Amondahl Ora at Dorjontal

Bought in as a sable bitch from all German bloodlines, the plan was to mate her to a suitable all German male and keep a sable daughter. True to form, there were no sable females so that was another plan down the drain.

Parents G-Parents GG-Parents
Juapaala Tony
Hips 4:5=9
1 CC

Jupaala Pinza
Bedwins Fental
Amondahl Ora At Dorjontal
Hips 11:7=18
Res Sieger Jack vom Trienzbachtal
Twice Italian Sieger SchH3 VA
Amondahl Hexe
Hips 5:2=7