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New Champion

After winning his CC and BOB at Crufts, Luther has gone on to win 2 more CCs at his next 2 shows following our return to showing after lockdown making him our 11th homebred UK Champion.

Crufts Best Of Breed

A super day at Crufts where Luther (Nixtev Zeventis) won Limit Dog, CC & BOB.
Xamira was 2nd in Limit Bitch behind the RCC winner.

Luther was also eye tested all clear so a productive day all round.

Youngsters available

We still have 2 lovely young males avaiable to the right homes. Please see the Available section for more information.

Champion Sansa

A great day at the GS Club of GB Ch show where Sansa (N. Yazara) won 1st LB and her 3rd CC making her our 10th homebred UK Mittel Champion

Champion Dexter

An excellent result at SKC where Dexter (N. Polarize) won Veteran Dog, DCC (his 3rd) & BOB and his daugher Sansa (N. Yazara) won Limit Bitch and her 2nd CC

Ch Runfold China Crisis At Nixtev

Today we had to say goodbye to a special old lady as things had just gotten to be too much for her.

RIP China 17/11/1999 - 02/02/2016

Champion Arya

A super day at Blackpool Ch show where Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) won Open Bitch and her 3rd CC, Dexter (N. Polarize) won the RCC and Nixtev Vitesse At Teamor won JB and the RCC.

Erik conquers Dortmund

A very enjoyable weekend in Dortmund, Germany at the Bundessieger show.

Erik (Ch Nixtev Torvald)
International Show (17/10/14) 1st Champion White Male, CACIB, CAC, VDH CC, BOB
Bundessieger Show (19/10/14) 1st Champion White Male, CACIB, CAC, VDH CC (x2), BOB, BIS Deutche Spitz Club Group Show 

Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet)
International Show (17/10/14) 1st Intermediate Other Colours Female, VDH CC
Bundessieger Show (19/10/14) 1st Intermediate Other Colours Female, VDH CC (x2)

Strange day at SWKA

A horrendous journey and a bit of a strange day at South Wales but naughty Dexter managed to win Open Dog and RCC

Arya CC & BOB at Driffield

Despite still not having much coat back, Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) won her 2nd CC and BOB at Driffield Ch show.

Club Show Best In Show

A good day at the German Spitz Breeders and Owners Club where Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) was BOB and BIS and Ava (Ch Nixtev Tantalize) was RBB under breed specialist Pam Rolleston.

Another show with both CCs and another new Champion

Blackpool 2014

Oh My God Av Ostretunet 1st JB, BCC & BOB
Nixtev Torvald 1st LD, DCC (his 3rd, which makes him our 8th homebred UK Champion)
Nixtev Tyxeros 2nd LD, RDCC
Nixtev Selenia With Longsdale 1st LB 
Nixtev Uraxys At Jumasue 1st JD, 2nd PGD

Both CCs and another new Champion

Birmingham National 2014

Nixtev Torvald 1st LD, DCC & BOB 
Nixtev Selenia With Longsdale 1st LB & BCC (her 3rd) which makes her our 7th homebred UK Champion.
Ch Nixtev Tantalize 1st OB
Oh My God Av Ostretunet 1st JB
Nixtev Uraxys At Jumasue BPD

Crufts Arya Best Puppy

An interesting day at Crufts with our Oh My God Av Ostretunet taking BPIB, and plenty of placings for the rest of the Nixtevs.

Oh My God Av Ostretunet (Imp Nor) 1st SpPB & BPIB
Ch Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass 1st VD
Ch Nixtev Liberty At Jansanleis 1st GCB
Ch Nixtev Phoenix 2nd GCD
Ch Nixtev Tantalize 2nd LB
Nixtev Raziel At Istramac 2nd LD
Nixtev Torvald 3rd LD
Nixtev Serylius 3rd PGD/VHC LD
Nixtev Uraxys At Jumasue VHC JD

It was also very nice to see our breeding doing well for others and the DCC & BOB winner was out of a Nixtev bred bitch and the BPD winner was by a Nixtev bred dog.

3rd CC for Ava

A great start to the show year with Ava (Nixtev Tantalize) winning LB plus her 3rd CC and BOB at Manchester Ch show and litter brother Oscar (Nixtev Tyxeros) winning the RCC

Top Breeder and Top Brood Bitch

We are very pleased to end the year as Our Dogs Top Mittel Breeder for 2013 with 6 individual CC winners and our Ch Nixtev Lexis is Dog World Top Mittel Brood Bitch (dam of 3 CC winning offspring).

Huge thanks to all owners, handlers and judges who have made this possible

Nixtev Torvald CC & BOB at the National
Ch Nixtev Phoenix AW(s) CC (his 3rd) at SKC
Nixtev Selenia With Longsdale CCs at Blackpool and LKA
Nixtev Tantalize CC (her 2nd) at East of England
Nixtev Polarize CC at South Wales KA
Nixtev Tyxeros CC & BOB at LKA

The T litter is by Nor Ch Gilbert Arga's Nest x Nor/Danish Ch Xelia am Jungfernbach and the P & S litters are by Bulabs Polarbear x Ch Nixtev Lexis

Super Day At LKA

Oscar (N Tyxeros) 1st PGD, CC & BOB
Whitney (N Selenia With Longsdale) 1st LB & CC
Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) 1st PB & BPIB
Dexter (N Polarize) 2nd OD
Reeve (Nixtev Uraxys at Jumasue) 1st MPD
Squeak (Nixtev Ulanza) 1st MPB

What a fantastic way to end the show year!

SWKA CC for Dexter

A long and busy day at SWKA under breed specialist Molly Hunter saw Dexter (N. Polarize) win Open Dog and his first CC. Erik (N. Torvald) won his first Limit class making this his 10th straight win from his 10 shows attended, and Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) was 1st MPB and BPB making it 2 wins from 2 shows for her.
Dexter's baby brother Nixtev Serylius won PGD topping off a good day for the team.

Arya's debut

Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunt) has made a wonderful start to her show career by winning MPB, BPIB and RCC at just 7 months old at Driffield Ch Show.

Erik and Ava also both managed 1sts in their Yearling classes plus Ava was 2nd in Yearling Stakes.

CC at East of England

1st Junior Bitch and a 2nd CC for Ava (N Tantalize) at East of England under breed judge Hazel Fitzgibbon.
Litter brother Erik was 1st JD and the pair of them were 3rd in the Brace Stakes.

Blackpool Team Wins

Well done to Whitney (Nixtev Selenia With Longsdale) for winning her first CC and her older brother Robbie (Ch Nixtev Phoenix) on his RCC and their owners/handlers for keeping the Nixtev flag flying.

New Arrivals

Its been a busy week for new arrivals, first we travelled to Holland to collect our new girl Arya (Oh My God Av Ostretunet) who was joining us in the UK from Norway with her mother Mimi (N Kameo) who has been on holiday there.
Phanta (N Passion) then presented us with her litter of 2 dogs and 4 bitches by our own Erik (N Torvald).

Good news from SKC

Nixtev Phoenix AW(B) 1st OD and CC (his 3rd) so subject to KC confirmation he now becomes a Champion.
Well done to his owner Sam Lord.

Nixtev Selenia (owned in partnership with Dale & Gary) 1st JB.

Great day at the National

Nixtev Torvald 1st JD, CC & BOB
Nixtev Tantaliz 1st JB, RCC
Nixtev Polarize, 2nd OD

Thanks to our judge Frank Kane

Crufts 2013

1st PD & BPIB for Erik (N Torvald)
1st OD & RCC for Robbie (N Phoenix)
2nd PB for Ava (N Tantalize)
and not forgetting Libbi (Ch Nixtev Liberty At Jansanleis) 1st GCB and her beautiful daugher Mayhem (Ch Jansanleis Mayhem) 1st OB & RCC.

Dexter (N Polarize) and Oscar (N Tyxeros) both managed a VHC in their classes (OD & JD) so not a bad day all round.


Brilliant day at BUBA under German breed specialist Georg Walther with 62 Mittels entered
Nixtev Torvald 1st PD **RCC, BPIB**
Nixtev Tyeros 1st JD,
Nixtev Polarize 1st LD (11 in the class so a decent win)
Nixtev Tantalize 1st PB **CC**

Nixtev Passion 1st LB
Nixtev Selenia With Longsdale 2nd PB
Very pleased as the "T" litter are just 9 months old :)

Thank you to Dale, Gary & Mandie for helping out with handling and of course to Jannike for allowing Xelia to come here for her little holiday!

GS Club of GB Ch Show wins

Erik (Nixtev Torvald) 1st Minor Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog in Breed, Res Best Puppy in Breed & Res Best Puppy in Show
Oscar (Nixtev Tyxeros) 1st Puppy Dog, Res Best Puppy Dog
Ava (Nixtev Tantalize) 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Res Best Puppy Bitch

Plus Erik & Ava won the brace class!
So now all qualified for Crufts at their first shows.

Also Dexter (N. Polarize) 2nd in Limit, Phanta (N. Passion) 2nd in Post Grad & Whitney (N. Selenia With Longsdale) 2nd in Puppy Bitch.

3rd CC & BOB for Lexi

We are thrilled to announce that Lexi (N. Lexis) won her 3rd CC & BOB at Bournemouth today and daughter Whitney (N. Selenia With Longsdale) won BPIB & RCC.

Huge thank you to Dale & Gary for having Lexi to stay with them for a short holiday so that she could get to a show or 2 with them that she wouldn't have otherwise been able to attend!

Puppies have arrived

2 dogs and 3 bitches born 26/12/11 by Bulabs Polarbear x Nixtev Lexis. Please see our GS Puppies/For Sale pages for more info.


... to Team Nixtev (most have only been sparingly shown this year) and our extended "family" for a successful 2011 at UK champ shows.

Nixtev Phoenix 2 CCs & BOBs
Ch Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass CC & BOB
Ch Nixtev Liberty At Jansanleis 2 RCCs
Nixtev Polarize RCC & BPIB
Nixtev Passion RCC & BPIB


Ch Runfold Joo Joo Bee Doo By Flamuna (by Nixtev Fyreblade) 4 CCs, 1 BOB, 1 RCC
Jansanleis Mayhem (ex Ch Nixtev Liberty At Jansanleis) 1 CC, 3 BPIB
Flamuna Skint And Minted (ex Nixtev Libertine At Flamuna) RCC, BPIB
Flamuna Revelations At Runestone (ex Nixtev Libertine At Flamuna) 4 BPIB
Flamuna Curtain Call For Rosechow  (ex Nixtev Libertine At Flamuna) BPIB 

Between them, offspring from 3 bitches from our "L" litter have accounted for 11 of the 19 BPIB awards this year.

Another CC & BOB for Robbie at LKA

A good day all round for team Nixtev!

Nixtev Phoenix (Robbie) 1st LD, CC & BOB
Nixtev Polarize (Dexter) 1st PGD
Ch Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass (Christie) 1st OD
Ch Nixtev Liberty At Jansanleis (Libi) 1st OB & RCC
and not forgetting Libi's beautiful daughter Jansanleis Mayhem 1st MPB, CC & BPIB

Champion Christie!

3rd and crowning CC for Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass, well done to owner Heather and handler Lisa.

Blackpool 2011

Robbie (Nixtev Phoenix) 1st Junior Dog, CC & BOB

Luke (Nixtev Notorious Of Lysebourne) 1st Limit Dog

and not forgetting

Luna (Runfold Joo Joo Be Doo By Flamuna, daughter of Nixtev Fyreblade) 1st Open Bitch, and her 3rd and crowning CC and Luna's daughter Sal won the RCC.

Both CC winners are grandchildren of our lovely China

Mittel puppies available

Cream dog puppies born 5/6/11. Please see our puppies page for more info

SKC 2011

Just a few days out of puppy, Dexter 1st JD & RCC

WELKS 2011

Phanta 1st PB & BPIB
Dexter 1st PD & BPD 

Crufts 2011

Dexter (Nixtev Polarize) 1st PD, BPIB
Phanta (Nixtev Passion) 2nd PB

Christie (Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass) 1st OD
Robbie (Nixtev Phoenix) 2nd PD, 1st JD


German Spitz Puppies

Puppies have arrived, please see our puppies page for more details.

Another CC & BOB for Christie

Following on from his success at the National, Christie (Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass) has done it again at SKC.

Bitch CC winner was a daughter of Nixtev Fyreblade

CC & BOB at the National for Christie

Well done to owner Heather and handler Lisa on winning the CC and BOB at Birmingham National with Nixtev Kinetic Under Fouranfass.

GSD Puppies Available

We currently have a litter of 4 dogs (1 longcoat) and 4 bitches from Ellie by Solo vom Kottersbusch.

Please see our Puppies page for more infomation and photos.

Champion Libbi!

Well done to Lisa and Libbi for that all important 3rd CC with BOB at Manchester '10 making her the first Mittel Champion of the year

China is Dog World Top Brood Bitch 09

All thanks to her lovely children (and their owners!) :-

Nixtev Fyreblade - CC & BOB Blackpool
Nixtev Liberty at Jansanleis - CC Birmingham National & LKA
Nixtev Lexis - CC Driffield

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