German Spitz Puppy Plans

Nearly 5 weeks old (R Litter - 2011)

Nearly 5 weeks old (R Litter - 2011)

German Spitz Mittel puppies.

No puppies currently available or planned so at present we are not keeping any waiting lists.

Sable bitch pup 8.5 weeks (N. Querida - 2010)
Sable bitch pup 8.5 weeks (N. Querida - 2010)

All puppies leave here well handled by family and friends, and also having met the rest of our dogs (both large and small).

They are microchipped, wormed, KC registered and insured and go with a sales contract and puppy pack.
They are reared on a quality complete puppy food and raw minced meat (usually chicken, beef or lamb).
Puppies are also endorsed with the Kennel Club as
"Progeny not eligible for registration" and "Not eligible for an export pedigree"

All German Spitz puppies are also litter screened for eye diseases

Our puppies will usually be ready to leave us at 8 weeks old (or soon after, depending on eye screening date). We appreciate that sometimes they may need to stay here for a few days extra but do keep in mind that the longer they're left here, the more work you are making for yourself with settling them in and house training as they become more used to living as part of our pack and in our routine.
Any puppy booked that is not to be collected at our stated "ready to go" date must be paid for in full if you want us to retain the puppy for you or else the puppy will be placed up for sale again. As already stated above, we like our puppies to leave us at an optimum time for them to settle into their new homes and time wasters who book pups then change their minds cause unecessary delays in pups finding new homes.

4 weeks (the 'K' litter - 2006)
4 weeks (the 'K' litter - 2006)

When making enquiries about our puppies, we expect you to have researched the breed and to be sure that this is the right breed for you.
German Spitz can live into their teens, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. They will also require mental stimulation, and once past the puppy stage, will also require sensible exercise as well. Although the German Spitz is a fit and active breed able to take a lot of exercise, it does not require as much as the traditional working breeds (GSDs or Collies, etc), but they can be noisy and/or destructive if they're not getting the mental and physical exercise requirements needed so not a breed to be left at home all day if you're out at work.
You will also be expected to have plenty of time to devote to your new puppy, and time spent on the initial settling in/house training can help make things go far more smoothly than trying to fix things once problems have occurred and bad habits have been allowed to form.

We also expect you to come and meet ourselves and our dogs at least once before our puppies are old enough to leave us. This will usually be from about 3 weeks old onwards but if travelling any distance they're a lot more interesting at 5 weeks onwards and don't spend quite as much time sleeping.

I prefer not to export, so these enquiries are dealt with on their own merit and will usually only go to friends that have been in contact with me for some time.

No enquiries on behalf of 3rd parties please, if you are interested in our dogs or puppies then please contact us yourself.