Terms of use for our stud dogs

Males are offered at stud to approved health tested bitches only.
Use of our males will only be considered for bitches who are of suitable temperament and pedigree, and who hold a current (less than 12 months old) clear eye certificate at time of mating where it is believed that this mating will not be of detriment to the breed or to either of the proposed parents or resulting litter.
It is also highly encouraged that bitches should be patella tested and scored under a recognised testing scheme before being bred from.

Stud fee is payable at time of mating.
For unproven males, prior arrangement may be made at the stud dog owner’s discretion as to whether payment may be deferred until the bitch is agreed to be in whelp.
A litter shall consist of 2 or more live puppies surviving past the age of 2 weeks.
In the event of there being fewer than this or if the bitch misses, a free return service will be offered for the same bitch to the same stud dog. It is strictly at the stud dog owner’s discretion as to whether a substitute bitch may be brought or a substitute stud dog used for this free return service.
We strongly advise that all bitches should be progesterone tested at a qualified laboratory (i.e. Idexx) before visiting us to ensure that mating takes place at the optimum time.

Any resulting puppies from this mating will all be eye tested by a BVA/ISDS/ECVO eye panellist at the appropriate age (usually 6 to 12 weeks) and results to be submitted to the GS Club of GB for publication.
Any of these puppies that are to be used for breeding purposes when older should also be eye tested again as an adult by a BVA eye panellist. Any being sold or placed should do so with a sales contract in place and endorsed with the Kennel Club as progeny not being eligible for registration to ensure that the required eye testing is done.
The breeder will take great care in finding appropriate homes for these puppies and will provide any required after sales support. They will also take back any of these pups that they have bred should the situation arise where the dog needs to be re-homed.

Information and details of eye testing specialist vets can be found on our German Spitz World site http://www.germanspitzworld.co.uk/pge.php?page=10