Lothian Canine Club 8/9/2018

Lothian Canine Club 8/9/2018

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge their show, the exhibitors for bringing some really nice dogs under me and patiently waiting as it was quite late by the time we started, and my efficient stewards who kept things moving.

Akita Open (3 entries, 2 abs)

1st Kirk & Goldby’s Ivoryridge Fired Up BOB
9m red fawn and white with black mask. Super puppy and so promising at this age. Very attractive masculine head and expression with correct skull, good strong muzzle and correct eyes and ears. Bodying up nicely, good topline and well carried tail, lovely for proportions, bone and substance. Nicely angulated with strong straight legs and nice tight feet. Just a little bit puppy looseness on the move but otherwise very good movement. Unfortunately he was just a bit bored and fidgety in the Group but I was very pleased to see him take Res Best Special Puppy In Show.

Japanese Shiba Inu Graduate (1 entry)

1st Best-Rawlings’ Casakura Precious Rhapsody Among Trixwood BOB.
2y red B. Feminine head, nice dark eyes and pigment. OK for neck and topline, tail carried well but set could be slightly higher. Good for bone but still to body up and her lack of coat accentuates this. Nicely angulated front and rear and good legs and feet. Side gait OK but a bit close behind going away.

Japanese Shiba Inu Open (1 entry)

1st Best-Rawlings’ Trixwood Golden Eye
Almost 2y red B. Feminine head with correct bite, good expression, neck, topline and OK tailset. A bit lighter in bone than her kennel mate and another one losing coat. Legs OK but long nails detract from feet. Moved OK but just not quite as positive in side gait in the challenge as her kennel mate.

French Bulldog Open (1 entry)

1st Maxwell’s Eastonite Page Three Girl BOB
13m fawn/black masked B. Typical head, good bone and coat, short cobby body and still needs to develop in forechest. Lacking in angulation and very loose in hocks so movement not so good.

Tibetan Spaniel Post Graduate (3 entries)

1st Campbell’s Tulibell At Hogwarts JW
2y Black masked gold sable B. Lovely feminine head with good eyes and ear carriage, correct neck and well-proportioned body with a good topline and tailset. Good angulation with strong legs and feet so no surprise to see that she moved so well. Shown in good coat and condition and with a happy temperament.

2nd Campbell’s Tulibell Harry Potter
11m gold sable D. Good head with lovely eyes and good ear set giving a pleasing expression. Correct neck, proportions and tailset, good angulation, legs and correct feet. Good side gait but hocks just need to firm from behind but he’s only a baby so time for that to come.

3rd McLean’s Balgay Kom Ke

Tibetan Spaniel Open (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st Campbell’s Vonvue Vin Sent To Tulibell ShCM BOB & G3.
3y black masked gold sable D. Mature, masculine head with quite the arrogant expression, excellent outline and proportions and shown in good coat and lovely condition. Good angulation, strong legs with correct feet, and on the move he is quite free and positive from all directions.

2nd McLean’s Busu Allandins Cave
2.5y sable D. Masculine head with correct expression. Shorter-coupled with good neck, topline and angulation and presented in good condition. Very good side gait but a bit close going away.

Tibetan Terrier Graduate (2 entries)

1st Underwood’s Araki Queen Latifah
2y black & white B shown in good condition and correct textured coat. Feminine head with good pigment, strong neck and firm topline and presents a balanced outline. Good side gait but another that’s slightly close away.

2nd Mackenzie’s Routenburn Agamemnon
12m black & white D with a good head and pigment. Nicely balanced youngster with good neck and topline, with body development and coat coming along nicely. Just looked slightly sluggish on the move with not quite the reach or drive I’d have expected from him.

Tibetan Terrier Open (2 entries)

1st King’s Karamyst Star Performance JW BOB & G2.
19m sable & white B. Super youngster with feminine head, good pigment, strong neck and firm topline with correct tailset. Good body and angulation giving a balanced square outline and nice straight strong legs and presented in lovely coat and condition to complete the picture. Excellent reach and drive on the move yet makes it look so effortless so could not be denied Group 2.

2nd  McLean’s Routenburn This Is The One At Glencoul
16m sable & white B. Slightly taller than 1 but still retains the correct outline and balance. Coming along nicely and so well-muscled under that coat so no wonder she also showed an excellent effortless far-reaching gait. Not quite the coat and development of 1 yet but another very nice youngster.

Lhasa Apso Graduate (6 entries, 1 absent)

1st Schuckardt’s Timazintis Mishka At Frenchlands
16m Gold & White D.
2nd Maxwell & Chalmers’ Dimara Cheeky Charlie For Aintshe
14m Gold D.
Splitting hairs between these 2. 1st was slightly bigger but both nicely made with good heads, necks, firm toplines and correct tailsets and with good proportions and angulation. Both moved well from all directions but 1st was just that little bit freer in side gait today.

3rd Hinshelwood’s Wonder Woman Astarje Gold With Muirfauld

Lhasa Apso Open (3 entries, 1 absent)

1st Logan’s Spyanki Oh Happy Day JW ShCM BOB, BIG, RBIS
4y Gold D presented in excellent coat and condition. Masculine head, strong arched neck, firm level topline, good spring of rib and correct tailset. Good angulation and straight legs with correct feet all contribute to the required balance and compact outline. Excellent on the move and just could not get past him for Group 1 and pleased to see him take RBIS.

2nd Hinshelwood’s Muirfauld Sunset On Silk
2y gold B with feminine head. Another shown in good coat and condition and presenting a typical and balanced outline which she held on the move. Also moved very well.

3rd Cox’s Klanhallion Magic Mickey

Poodle (Toy) Open (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st Furey’s New Chapter At Clanese BOB
21m black B. Feminine head with typical expression and correct bite. Good body and proportions and on straight legs and neat feet. Although slightly reserved on the table she was happier on the floor and strutted round in typical poodle style.

Poodle (Standard) Open (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st Furey’s Ch Somanic Style By Design At Clanese BOB
7.5y quality blue D belying his age. Lovely head with correct bite, good neck and well-made body with short strong back, good proportions and correct outline. Well-muscled legs and so light on his neat feet when he powered round the ring.

Dalmatian Graduate (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st Pratt’s Dunnydals Cape Promise By Lyndalla
3y liver spotted B. Feminine head, good length of neck, nice body proportions and chest depth and good legs and feet. In good coat but looking a bit heavy all through. Moved OK away and back but slightly stiff in rear on side gait.

Dalmatian Open (4 entries, 3 absent)

1st Pratt’s Sophtspot In A Heartbeat Of Lyndalla BOB
2y black spotted B. Well-made feminine bitch, attractive head with correct bite, good neck, topline and tailset, good depth of chest, ribbing and underline. Well-angulated and has strong legs and neat feet. Very good movement and the typical happy temperament of this breed.

AVNSC Open (4 entries, 2 absent)

1st Craig’s Siglette Stunner (Min. Schnauzer) BAVNSC & G4
15m pepper/salt B. Smart little bitch with a good head with lovely dark eyes and well placed ears. Good neck, well laid shoulders, enough spring of rib with short loin and firm rear. Moved with very good reach and drive which just nudged her into G4 amongst some really good competition.

2nd Millar’s Abylity Nina’s Celtic Queen Of Turnlaw (Imp) (Schipperke)
4y black B of medium build. Typical feminine head with good expression and well-carried ears. Short neck, deep enough in brisket, good ribbing and underline. Moved OK but just appeared to lack enthusiasm.

AV Utility Special Minor Puppy

1st Cox’s Klanhallion Magic Mickey
7m Gold sable D. Sweet natured young lad, developing nicely and shown in good condition. Very much the baby and a bit tired and dropping his tail by the time he’d got to this stage but still moved round quite soundly.

2nd Bertram’s Aicionia Busy Boy (Boston)
9m black/white D shown in good condition. Square skull with dark, round, wide-set eyes, enough neck into a short back. Fairly square outline with nicely developing forechest and ribbing, good legs and feet. Not overly happy today so not making the most of himself when stood but moved OK.

AV Utility Special Puppy

1st Kirk & Goldby’s Ivoryridge Fired Up

2nd Campbell’s Tulibell Harry Potter

3rd Cox’s Klanhallion Magic Mickey

AV Utility Special Veteran
Super class with none of these dogs showing their age and all could very easily change places.

1st Furey’s Ch Somanic Style By Design At Clanese

2nd Best-Rawlings’ Ch/Ir Ch Trixwood Addicted To Love (Shiba)
Nearly 9y red B. Excellent for type with super head and expression, well-balanced correct outline and proportions. Good angulation and strong straight legs. Feet OK but nails a little long. Moved well.

3rd Logan’s Luekiki Diemos To Spyanki JW ShCM (Lhasa)

Nicky Garbutt (Judge)