Ashington & District CS 21/11/2004

21st Nov 04
Ashington District Canine Society.

German Shepherd Dog

Thank you to the society for my invitation and exhibitors for the entry on my first judging appointment.
Temperaments and dentition were all correct.

Special Yearling (2, 1 Abs)
1st Corkin's Fouranfass Joker
6.5 months old, large substantial, well proportioned black male.
Masculine dog with good head and expression, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders and correct forehand assembly. Correct topline and tailset, good rear angles.
His balanced construction allowed him to moved soundly all ways, though showed typical puppy looseness at this stage which will firm with age. BP

Graduate (1)
1st Corkin's Tracelyn Serendu By Fouranfass
13 month old medium strength top sized black bitch.
Very feminine alert bitch with good head and expression.
Forehand could be better angled, firm topline into well moulded croup and tailset. Correct rear angulation.
Toed in slightly on left fore coming, a touch close away, good side gait.

Open (2, 1 Abs)
1st Corkin's Fouranfass Hypothecation
2 years 3 months top size, substantial sable male.
Strong masculine head with good expression, though ears could be a touch larger to complete the picture.
Good reach of neck into correct front assembly, un-exaggerated firm topline, well moulded croup and tailset. Good rear angulation.
Not in full coat and would prefer a touch more body weight.
Sound away and back, and a change of handler in the challenge allowed him to demonstrate his very good side gait which gave him the edge for BOB

Nicky Garbutt (Judge)