Selkirk & District Canine Society 14/4/19

Selkirk & District Canine Society 14/4/19

Overall, temperaments were mostly OK but there were a few mouth faults and teeth that could be cleaner.

AV Imp Register (1 entry)

1st Gorrian & Hentry’s Ir Sh Ch Perdizcyo Andres (Portuguese Pointer)
3 y/o yellow and white male. Shown in good firm condition and presents a balanced outline. Typical head, though pigment somewhat faded and his eyes could be a shade darker to enhance his expression. Moved and handled well.

AV Spec Veteran Dog (12 entries, 8 abs)

1st Barrett & Ford’s Ch Shulune Ice Phantom Of Dalamanti ShCM (Dalmatian). Best AV Veteran.
Super 9 y/o black spotted male of excellent type and temperament who belies his age. Attractive masculine head with good expression, correct neck, excellent firm body, good angulation, strong legs and nice tight feet which all make for a balanced outline. Doesn’t disappoint on the move where he shows an effortless powerful gait from all directions.

2nd Portsmouth’s Kalebank Harvester (Border Terrier)
Almost 8 y/o red grizzle male shown in good coat and condition. Good head with nice dark eyes and good pigment, moderate neck, good balance and outline.  Moved well.

3rd Warden’s Eyevalley Macallan Of Glentochty ShCM (Golden Retriever)

AV Spec Veteran Bitch (12 entries, 3 abs)

1st Gate’s Lacetrom Cruivie ShCM (Keeshond)
9 ½ y/o substantial bitch of lovely type and lively temperament shown in very full coat and good condition belying her age. Strong, yet feminine wedge shaped head, dark almond eyes and well set ears of good shape. Good angulation, compact outline and correct tailset present a harmonious picture which she maintained on the move and her movement was sound from all directions.

2nd Sharpe’s Geeswood Heidi At Sharpalta ShCM (GSD)
11 y/o black and gold bitch, another in excellent fit condition for her age.  Strong feminine head with alert expression, dark almond eyes and well placed correctly carried ears. Upper medium size, good bone and substance, correct balanced angulation, good reach of neck leading to correct firm topline and tailset.  Moved really well showing good reach and drive with sound firm hocks.

3rd Wynne’s Elfin Silver Cloud At Mydisa (Siberian Husky)

GSD Open (3 entries)

1st Sharpe’s Geeswood Heidi At Sharpalta ShCM. BOB & G3
(2nd in AV Spec Veteran Bitch)

2nd Caldwell’s Ylanris Paloma. BPIB & PG1
8 month old black and tan bitch of correct type but still very much a baby.  Feminine head with dark eyes, slightly large ears and good expression.  Medium bone and substance and still to fill out in body as she is currently narrow in chest and this shows in her front movement.  OK for sidegait but still to firm in hocks.

3rd Curran’s Finchpark Clara

Samoyed Open (2 entries)

1st Wilson’s Samnouska Chase The Ace ShCM. BOB & G2
5 y/o male of excellent type, in full coat of correct texture.  Strong masculine wedge head with dark eyes and well placed ears.  Strong neck, firm topline, excellent proportions, correct tailset and very well off for bone.  Excellent powerful movement with good reach and drive.

2nd  Wilson’s Samnouska Chasing Rainbows
2 y/o bitch with good bone and substance. Very pretty feminine head with good expression, correct dark eyes and neat ears.  Enough neck, good topline and tailset and profuse coat.  Rather silly today and played up her handler, but still managed to move well.

Shetland Sheepdog Graduate (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st Drysdale’s Kishdigra Leave Me Breathless For Dondrea (IKC). BPIB & PG2
7 months sable and white bitch.  Pretty head with sweet expression, lovely dark eyes and well placed ears.  Body and coat developing nicely, good reach of neck, correct topline and tailset.  Clean legs and neat feet.  OK for side gait and front movement but slightly close away.  Still just a little unsure of things at present.

Shetland Sheepdog Open (3 entries, 2 absent)

1st Drysdale’s Donallin Shadow Magic For Dondrea. BOB & G1
Well-constructed 3 y/o sable and white male of excellent masculine type.  Attractive head with typical expression, dark correctly set eyes, good ears and super pigment.  Excellent outline and balance, good bone without being course and presented in full bloom today in lovely coat and condition.  Slightly close going away but so light and easy on his neat feet giving a very good side gait and front movement.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Open (3 entries)

1st Snedden’s Twinan The Tempest With Nesden. BOB
2 y/o brindle & white bitch of good type and substance. Feminine head with typical expression, dark eyes, good pigment and correct ears. Good neck, well-developed forechest and good angulation. Slightly close away but otherwise OK for movement.

2nd Sneddon’s Tryci Brython Brenhinaedd At Arangath
7 y/o well-boned merle dog just showing his age a bit in head and eyes. Good neck, lovely front, level topline and good ribbing. Another with a decent side gait but moved a bit close away.

3rd Sneddon’s Tryci Deryn Du With Nesden

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) Open (2 entries)

1st Snedden’s Mor Dearg By Nesden. BOB & G4
5.5 y/o red & white bitch. Lovely feminine head with attractive expression, dark well shaped eyes and good ears. Enough neck, good chest, well-ribbed body but would benefit from just a touch more angulation and firmer back. However, this didn’t affect her movement and she showed a good gait from all directions.

2nd Snedden’s Nesden Stob Dearg
2 y/o red & white bitch. Smaller and lighter build than 1 and lack of coat not helping but good bone for her size. Good neck, angulation OK and body still maturing. Side gait and front movement was OK but another that’s close behind. Not the quality in head of 1.

AVNSC Pastoral Open (5 entries, 5 abs.)

Pastoral Group

1st Drysdale’s Donallin Shadow Magic For Dondrea

2nd Wilson’s Samnouska Chase The Ace ShCM

3rd Sharpe’s Geeswood Heidi At Sharpalta ShCM

4th Snedden’s Mor Dearg By Nesden

Pastoral Puppy Group

1st Caldwell’s Ylanris Paloma

2nd Drysdale’s Kishdigra Leave Me Breathless For Dondrea

Boxer Graduate (3 entries)

1st Thomson’s Bugarivo Maialino. BOB, BPIB, PG3
11 month red & white bitch so still quite raw with the relevant maturing to do but shows enough development for her age. Head coming along nicely, body of good size and proportions, nicely muscled and with good strong straight legs and neat feet. Moved well.

2nd  Cassie’s Trimountium Foo Fighter
2 y/o brindle & white bitch. Rather plain in head and a bit heavy in condition but good size, substance, proportions and enough angulation. She also has good bone and strong legs but her feet could be tighter. Moved well.

3rd Thomson’s Bugarivo Minnie The Minx

Boxer Open (2 entries, 1 abs.)

1st Thomson’s Bugarivo Perdonami
1.5 y/o red & white bitch. I found her head a bit exaggerated and lacking in balance, but ears OK and eyes of good colour. Still to body up and looked a bit thin today, though quarters were well-muscled. Good bone, legs & feet. Showed a good side gait but untidy going away.

Bullmastiff Open (0 entries)

Dobermann Graduate (2 entries)

1st Weir’s Cobradeil’s Once Upon A Dream
18 month black & rust bitch. Maturing nicely and presents a balanced outline. Feminine head with medium dark eyes, though ears could be a touch neater. Good neck into clean firm topline and tidy tailset, clean underline and tuck-up. Nice strong legs and neat feet. Excellent movement from all angles.

2nd Todd’s Holyhell’s Hary’s Boy For Toffarbach
18 months black & rust, undoubtedly male with an exuberant temperament. Good neck and topline, tuck-up suffers for being in slightly heavy condition today. A bit short and steep in upper arm compared to his well laid shoulder. Good strong hindquarters gave good driving movement. Just found him a bit too coarse in head, lacking the elegant planes associated with this breed.

Dobermann Open (3 entries)

1st Waldie’s Vonedstram Valeska. BOB & G3
3.5 y/o black & rust bitch who pleased for her super type, harmonious outline, balance and excellent movement. Attractive feminine head with typical expression, good neck, correct topline, strong rear, straight legs and well arched neat feet. Just a touch heavy in condition today which went against her in the group.

2nd Todd’s Holyhell’s Serbian Night Fever At Toffarbach JW
20 months black & rust male. Another of excellent type and balance with attractive masculine head, dark eyes and pleasing expression. Correct neck, topline and underline, good forechest, strong straight legs and correct feet. Effective side gait and very close up to 1 but just not quite the precision in rear movement today.

3rd Campbell’s Vonedstram Vanechka At Jillanjon

Newfoundland Open (5 entries, 3 abs.)

2 young black bitches of similar type and both well presented in excellent condition.
1st Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen At Titanbears (Imp SVK) JW ShCM. BOB & G1
21 months. Feminine head, correct neck, topline and tailset. Bodying up nicely and her good angulation places her strong straight forelegs well underneath her, with powerful rear to match. I like her for overall balance and outline and this was topped off with excellent movement from all directions.
2nd Adair’s King Of Helluland Love Actually At Darebear JW ShCM
2 y/o. Many similar comments to 1 as she also had good neck, topline, tailset and strong well-boned legs and correct feet. Preferred the head and slightly darker eye and tighter rims on this one but she just couldn’t quite match 1 for forehand and was just a touch longer in loin. Another excellent mover.


Rottweiler Open (5 entries, 3 abs.)

1st Baillie & Shaw’s Stairvale Frazer JW. BOB & G4
18 month male. Attractive masculine head with kind expression, good strong neck, firm topline, correct underline with enough chest and brisket development for his age. Enough angulation, good strong legs but would like tighter feet. Enthusiastic mover with excellent side gait, good coming towards but slightly untidy going away.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Barracuda BPIB & PG1
7 months baby enjoying her day out. Feminine head with dark eyes, correct neck, good topline and presents a balanced outline. Chest still to fill out and this shows in her front movement coming towards, but correct in rear and displayed a very good side gait when her handler allowed her to move out at the correct pace.

Siberian Husky Graduate (2 entries)

1st Wynne’s Mydisa Golden Nightfury
3 y/o grey bitch of medium substance. Good feminine type with typical head and expression. Correct neck, firm level topline, good ribbing and underline. Straight legs and neat feet. The better mover in this class.

2nd Wynne’s Mydisa Golden Ticket
3 y/o grey dog. Taller rangier male of good substance. Masculine head of correct proportions, arched neck, topline almost level, good underline. I just found him a bit narrow all through and a touch short in upper arm. Good side gait but his narrowness shows in his movement away and back.

Siberian Husky Open (2 entries)

1st Wynne’s Ch Mydisa Golden Deelishus JW ShCM ShCEX. BOB & G2
3 y/o grey quality bitch of good size and substance. Super type with feminine head, good eyes and well-set ears. Lovely arch to neck, firm level topline and a tidy tailset. Correct balanced angulation and good ribbing and chest depth. So light on her neat feet showing excellent free-reaching movement from any angle.

2nd Wynne’s Glenbranter Summat Special At Mydisa JW ShCM
6 y/o grey dog. Attractive masculine head with correct eye set and shape, correct neck, level topline and correct underline. Good chest and spring of rib, lovely strong straight legs and neat feet. Another excellent mover but not quite the precision of 1. No surprise to see that he’s sire to the previous 3 here and all 4 are a credit to their owner for condition and presentation.

AVNSC Working Open (4 entries, 3 abs.

1st Bogle & Horsfield Whitewalker Kings Landing At Valknut (Alaskan Malamute). BAVNSC/BAVNSCP & PG2
10 months dog who is developing nicely. Good masculine head with correct eyes and good pigment. I liked him for type, balance and substance and he also has good angulation, well-boned straight legs and tight feet. Shown in slightly heavy condition today and still quite puppy-loose in otherwise good movement but would expect that to firm up with age.

Working Group

1st Duff’s King Of Helluland My Queen At Titanbears (Imp SVK) JW ShCM

2nd Wynne’s Ch Mydisa Golden Deelishus JW ShCM ShCEX

3rd Waldie’s Vonedstram Vanechka

4th Baillie & Shaw’s Stairvale Frazer JW

Working Puppy Group

1st Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Barracuda

2nd Bogle & Horsfield Whitewalker Kings Landing At Valknut

3rd Thomson’s Bugarivo Maialino

AV Margaret Lindesay-Smith Stakes Open
Not my entry so thanks to those who stayed.
Good class with some lovely dogs to choose from. 1 & 2 both really stood out for their quality, type and soundness on the move and it really was a case of splitting hairs between them.

1st Helydon Magical Mika Mini Wire Dachs

2nd  Ducklings Jr Just Qutie (Imp Swe) JRT

3rd Birselaw Come Dancing With Macmoon JW ShCM Cairn Terrier


Judge - Nicky Garbutt (Nixtev)