Ripon & District Canine Society 4/6/2023

Ripon & District Canine Society 4/6/2023
Thank you for a quality entry, which made for some very tough decisions in quite a few classes. 
Most were presented in good clean condition though the wind didn’t generally help with the coated breeds, and just a couple that were otherwise nicely presented were let down by dirty teeth.

Akita Open (2, 1)
1st Page’s Whatif's Infinity Sh.CM. BOB
6 y/o D. Nice type with excellent bone and substance, shown in good coat and condition. Attractive masculine head with good balance to skull and strong muzzle, well shaped dark eyes and correct ears. Muscular neck, firm level topline and correct proportions make for a pleasing outline and his balanced angulation allows for powerful and correct movement from all directions.

Boston Terrier Open (3)
1st Roulston’s Ivyjewel Dare To Dream. BOB
12 ½ months D. Strong, typical masculine head, correct eyes and ears. Good neck, firm short back and correct rump, ribbing and chest developing nicely. Nice easy side gait and good going away but currently just a little wide in front.
2nd Roulston’s Ivyjewel Put A Spell On You. BPIB
9 months B. Feminine youngster with typical head and expression and attractive dark eyes. Good neck and shoulders but still to fill out in ribs and chest. Moves OK going away but elbows out and a little wide coming towards. Side gait OK.
3rd Roulston’s Ivyjewel Love Me Like You Do

French Bulldog Post Graduate (5, 1)
1st Willets’ Hanway What A Carry On
18 months brindle & white B. Feminine head with well placed dark eyes, ears could be better carried but she seemed quite unimpressed in being here which didn’t help. Well arched neck and decent shoulders, and correctly muscled rear with firm hocks. Body still developing but has time on her side. Soundest mover in the class.
2nd Young’s Carkennar Jammie Dodger BPIB
9 months fawn D. Typical masculine head with correctly placed dark eyes and well carried ears. Good neck and nicely developing cobby body, good shoulders and strong straight forelegs. Good muscle to rear but found him to be overly loose in hocks so would hope they strengthen up as he’s still young.
3rd Moore’s Philodox’s El Ahrairah

French Bulldog Open (4, 1)
1st Korennaja’s Onnis Of My Sweet Moments. BOB
20 months fawn D. Masculine head with  dark eyes and good fill to cheeks. Correct neck, well made cobby body and well muscled shoulders and hind quarters. Strong legs and feet. Moved OK.
2nd Young’s Clonnysmush Lapicolina
2 y/o fawn B. Feminine and eyes are dark enough but would like a better stop and muzzle. Strong sturdy body and moved OK.
3rd Willets’ Hanway Don’t Stop Believin

Japanese Spitz Post Graduate (1)
1st Chapman’s Emiko Yukko
19 months B. Typical feminine head with good pigment and dark eyes. Ears could be set just a touch higher but of good shape and size. Good neck, topline and tailset, enough chest and depth of body though just a little long in loin. Shown in good condition but her full coat is a little soft. Very happy and bouncy on the move.

Japanese Spitz Open (3)
1st Jones’ Llwyni Sky’s The Limit JW. BOB & Group 4
6 y/o B of lovely type shown in excellent coat and condition. Attractive feminine head with correctly shaped dark eyes and good pigment though would like her ears just a little smaller. Good neck, well-developed body and ribbing, correct topline and tailset. Nicely boned and with good angulation. Very attentive to her handler which occasionally results in her lifting her front legs slightly too much but otherwise sound positive movement.
2nd Benoist’s Kumotta Double Trouble 
5 y/o B. Another of lovely type and quality. Feminine head, correct dark eyes, good pigment and neat ears. Soundly constructed and of good balance and I preferred the outline on this one but unfortunately she was rather uncooperative and unsettled on the move today so spoiled her chances.
3rd Benoist’s Kumotta Elite 

Dalmatian Post Graduate (3, 3)
Dalmatian Open (2, 2)

Japanese Shiba Inu Open (1)
1st Adey’s Burwen Pink Cadillac 
20 m/o red B. Feminine head with typical  expression though ears could be a little neater. Neck slightly arched and well carried, firm level topline and good depth to chest. Tailset could be a touch higher just to complete the balanced picture. Moved well.

Lhasa Apso Junior (6, 1)
1st Crook & Hall’s Shendene Kiss My Pix Sell With Charjilliam NAF TAF. BPIB & Puppy Group 1.
6 m/o gold B. Charming happy youngster of lovely type, correct feminine head and appealing dark eyes. Corect neck, body developing nicely and she has good bone and substance. Presents a balanced outline with level topline and correctly set and carried tail and displays very sound positive movement from all directions.
2nd McCracken’s Lhotse Inside Trader 
7 m/o particolour D. Another quality puppy and whilst he is masculine and of bigger build and that bit further on with coat development, many similar comments apply to him so they weren’t easy to split, but 1 just had the edge on movement today.
3rd Chesterfield’s Ithera Dulce De Leche Into Burnsett NAF

Lhasa Apso Post Graduate (2)
1st Chesterfield’s Phareal Heartbreaker Into Burnsett
2 y/o cream D. Well coated male of lovely type and with excellent bone and substance. Balanced masculine head with correct dark eyes. Good neck, well made body with correct topline and tailset. Moved well once he wasn’t leading the class.
2nd Crook’s Ellandans One Love With Charjilliam
2 y/o cream B. Correct feminine head and expression. Another who presents a typical balanced outline and excellent movement but just found her a little narrower in body at the moment.

Lhasa Apso Open (3, 1)
1st Crook & Kindness’ Kelankin Ghost Ryder With Charjilliam. BOB & Group 2.
3.5 y/o gold D of excellent type and substance and presented in lovely condition. Attractive masculine head with good skull, correct dark eyes and well set ears. Strong well arched neck leads into a well made body with correct tailset, good legs and correct feet. Excellent on the move from all directions.
2nd O’Docherty’s Autumnspell’s Time To Shine 
Feminine 4 y/o gold & white B. Correct in head and neck, balanced outline though not quite as good in body as 1. Moved well.

Miniature Schnauzer Post Graduate (2)
1st Bell’s Glockens Enough Is Said. (B). BPIB & Puppy Group 4.
2nd Bell’s Glockens Everybody’s Talkin (D).
7 m/o Bl & silver litter mates both very similar and of excellent type and temperament. Both have correct heads with good balance and lovely dark eyes, neat ears and correct mouths. Good necks and typical outlines with appropriate bone and substance, and 2 is as masculine as 1 is feminine. Not easy to split, but on the move 2nd wasn’t quite as settled and didn’t show the drive of 1st.

Miniature Schnauzer Open (3, 1 )
1st Bell’s Glockens Let It Be BOB & Group 3.
16 m/o P&S D. Smart youngster with an attractive masculine head, dark eyes and correct ears. Balanced outline due to his correct neck, strong straight back, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs and strong straight legs with neat feet. Excellent driving movement and he was presented in excellent condition and correct harsh coat.
2nd Bell’s Glockens Kryptonite JW.
2.5 y/o P&S B. Correct feminine head and another of lovely type who presents a balanced picture and typical outline. Just found her not quite as positive on the move as 1 today and didn’t show the reach and drive that he did.

Bulldog Open (1, 1)

Poodle (Toy) Open (2)
1st Dimery’s Afterglow Ed The Ball. BOB & BPIB.
6m/o black D. Very much the raw baby here and not the professional presentation of 2  but he’s developing nicely and has good balance and proportions. Sound and stylish on the move and shows very good drive.
2nd Thomson’s Karamouche Top Gun At Trandella
13 m/o black D. Attractive typical head with the darkest of eyes and appealing expression and I liked him for type and construction. Moved OK away and back but not quite the drive of 1 today and unfortunately his testicles are still to drop.

Poodle (Miniature) Open (4, 1)
1st Batey’s Donavika Dancing Queen. BOB, BPIB & Puppy Group 3
8 m/o black B of lovely type. Appealing feminine head with dark correctly shaped eyes and well set ears, good neck and correct body proportions so presents a typical balanced outline. Good angulation and powerful rear allows for very sound and free driving movement.
2nd Roulston’s The Real Deal 
4 y/o apricot D. One I have judged elsewhere fairly recently and the same positive comments still apply and as then, I would still just like a bit more forward reach.
3rd Lister’s Calmaric All In One 

Poodle (Standard) Open (7, 2)
1st Dziobon’s Sterlingway Astronaughty. BOB & Group 1 
2.5 y/o beautifully presented eye-catching white B who makes a pleasing picture with her correct outline and balanced proportions. On closer inspection, her feminine head has excellent black pigment, correctly shaped dark eyes and well set ears. Strong well carried neck, firm topline, deep chest with well sprung ribs and balanced front and rear angulation. Finished off with strong legs and neat feet, her movement is free and powerful showing excellent reach and drive and so light on her feet. Couldn’t be ignored in the group.
2nd Bateman’s Brackenbain Boss
2 y/o apricot D. Stylish male and very typey, another that is soundly constructed and although he too moved out very well, I just preferred the drive of 1. I did however prefer the head chiselling of this one so it was a very close call.
3rd Zair’s Tuxedo Princess
Res Bateman’s Heathershine Prada BPIB
Almost 12 m/o blue B. Pretty headed happy youngster of correct type and build. Well presented in good coat and condition and moved with drive.

Shih Tzu Post Graduate (4, 1)
1st Provost’s Paliden Shooting Star
4.5 y/o G&W D. Nicely constructed male with a good head with typical expression. Broad deep chest with well sprung ribs and strong level back with well carried tail. Well boned legs and good feet and was the more positive mover in this class, but not quite the drive of the Open winner.
2nd Cutts & Smith’s Tameron Mr Gold Xcess
4 y/o G&W D. Also of good type and construction and with a typical head and well made body. Just not quite as positive on the move as 1 today.
3rd Stevenson’s Bishopspark Holly

Shih Tzu Open (4, 1)
1st Moor & Casentieri’s Emerson Alpiu Slenis Of Alchez JW ShCEx OSW (Imp Ltu). BOB
2.5 y/o B&T D. Well presented of lovely type and soundly constructed with good bone and substance. Good head, correct neck, strong level back and well set and carried tail. Correct chest, well made shoulders and correct strong rear so no surprise to see him move so smoothly with good reach and drive.
2nd Provost’s Paliden Shooting Star
3rd Cutts & Smith’s Buttons Dream A Dream

Tibetan Terrier Junior (4)
1st Pettit’s Rogspa Sunbeam. BPIB & Puppy Group 2
6 m/o B with W trim B. Pretty, feminine youngster who presents a typical square outline and with enough substance for her size and sex. Correct, head with lovely dark eyes and well placed ears. Medium neck, body developing nicely, correct shoulders and rear and a well set and carried tail. Moved nice and cleanly away and back and displayed an excellent smooth and effortless powerful side gait.
2nd Gent’s Myrlea Moonlighting With Miteng
15 m/o black B. Another lovely youngster who also appealed for her correct head and overall type and balance. A bit further on in coat and development but didn’t quite match 1 in side gait today.
3rd Clayforth’s Haradwaithe Gracie Fields

Tibetan Terrier Post Graduate (3)
1st Petit’s Boshanti Elyana Rogspa 
16 m/o B&W B. Correct feminine head, typical proportions and outline. Balanced angulation and strong rear so produced the required effortless gait and also the better forward reach in this class which just tipped things in her favour.
2nd Metcalfe’s Pippalata Overtime Magic 
2 ¾ y/o B&W B. Slightly bigger and  unsurprisingly the more finished in coat here. Nice for type and balance and another with a correct feminine head and good outline. I thought she’d be my winner here but just preferred the movement of 1.
3rd Gent’s Myrlea Moonlighting With Miteng

Tibetan Terrier Open (1)
1st Clayforth’s Haradwaithe Mickey Rooney. BOB
4 y/o B&W D. Correct balance of skull to muzzle, dark eyes and well set ears. Strong neck and shoulders, level topline and enough spring of tib. Well muscled hindquarters and correct tailset. Pleasing outline and shown in good coat and condition. Effortless movement with effective reach and drive.

A.V.N.S.C. Utility Puppy (3, 2)
1st Thomson’s Tibbiestars Time Lord (Tibetan Spaniel) B.A.V.N.S.C.P
Almost 12 m/o gold sable D. Appealed for type with a typical masculine head, correct eyes and well set ears. Correct neck, firm level back, well sprung ribs and correctly set tail. Enough angulation, good legs and feet. Not particularly helpful on the move as he just wanted to sniff the grass but when he wasn’t doing that he had a good side gait and coming back but was slightly close going away. 

A.V.N.S.C. Utility Open (6, 1 abs)
1st Thomson’s Tibbiestars Storm Lord (Tibetan Spaniel)  B.A.V.N.S.C.
4 y/o sable D. Also of lovely type with a correct masculine head, short neck, strong level back and good depth of chest with correct ribbing. Correct well carried tail, appropriate angulation and strong legs and correct hare feet. Moved OK all ways.
2nd Nugent’s Hilltopprides King Koba (Chow) 
13 m/o black D. Currently a bit in between coats but liked him for type, construction and sound movement. Typical masculine head without being overdone, correctly shaped dark eyes and neat ears. Strong neck, broad deep chest and enough spring of rib, short level strong back and correctly carried tail. Enough angulation and leg length to present a balanced picture.
3rd Cree’s Gibcrees Didn’t Expect That (Tibetan Spaniel) 

A.V. Imported Breed Register Utility Post Graduate (0)
A.V. Imported Breed Register Utility Open (1, 1)

Group 1 Dziobon’s Sterlingway Astronaughty 
Group 2 Crook & Kindness’ Kelankin Ghost Ryder With Charjilliam
Group 3 Bell’s Glockens Let It Be
Group 4 Jones’ Llwyni Sky’s The Limit JW

Puppy Group 1 Crook & Hall’s Shendene Kiss My Pix Sell With Charjilliam NAF TAF
Puppy Group 2 Pettit’s Rogspa Sunbeam
Puppy Group 3 Batey’s Donavika Dancing Queen
Puppy Group 4 Bell’s Glockens Enough Is Said

A.V. Utility Puppy (10)
1st Pettit’s Rogspa Sunbeam
2nd Chesterfield’s Ithera Dulce De Leche Into Burnsett NAF (Lhasa)
6 m/o gold B. Quality puppy who was unlucky to meet some very stiff competition in her breed class. Typical feminine head and soundly constructed presenting a correct outline. Moved well.
3rd Bateman’s Heathershine Prada

A.V. Utility Junior (6)
1st Bell’s Glockens Let It Be
2nd Nugent’s Hilltopprides King Koba
3rd Cutts & Smith’s Senousi Dressed Like Him

A.V. Utility Open (8)
1st Metcalfe’s Pipplata Overtime Magic
2nd Thomson’s Tibbiestars Shady Lady
3rd Korennaja’s Onnis Of My Sweet Moments

A.V. Utility Veteran (7, 4)
1st Lister’s Calmaric One For The Money JW (Min Poodle)
7 y/o black B of excellent type and presented in lovely condition. Beautiful feminine head with a super expression, correct eyes and well set ears, correct bite and she still has nice clean teeth. Presents a very typical outline and is very well made under her well presented coat. Excellent movement, as would be expected from her sound and balanced construction.
2nd Cree’s Gibrees Didn’t Expect That (Tibetan Spaniel) 
7 y/o sable D of excellent type with a very correct masculine head, good neck, firm level back, good spring of ribs and correct tailset and carriage. Good shoulders and rear, well boned legs and correct feet. A bit weak in left pastern and his front movement is a little untidy when coming towards, but is good going away and has an excellent side gait.
3rd Thomson’s Tibbiestar’s Moulin Rouge (Tibetan Spaniel) 

I was a very last minute replacement judge for these classes.

A.V. Special Vintage Stakes Vintage (11 years +) (2, 1)
1st Kay’s Jackopeaks Princess Peach VW (Jack Russell)
Almost 14 y/o smooth W & T B still in very good condition for her age and enjoying her day out. Feminine head, eyes are dark but just a little bold, clean neck, correct topline and typical proportions and outline. Moved OK.

A.V. Minor Puppy Stakes (28, 19)
1st Jenkinson’s Irisaddition Victorious With Ellishar (Bearded Collie)
7.5 m/o Sl & W B. Caught my eye earlier and didn’t disappoint on going over her. Appeals for type, balance and soundness. She has a feminine head with typical expression, correct neck, strong level back, enough spring of rib and chest development for age. Correct angulation and substance. Excellent smooth ground covering movement. 
2nd Pefitt’s Samjoe Seelie Queen (Alaskan Malamute)
8 m/o Gr & W B. Substantial yet retains her femininity and balance. Correct head, lovely dark eyes and well set ears. Strong neck into well muscled shoulders, straight back, good depth of chest and powerful rear and strong straight legs and neat feet. Well set tail completes the picture. Moved straight away and back and a powerful effortless side gait.
3rd Pettit’s Rogspa Sunbeam

Judge: Nicky Garbutt (Nixtev)