I have judged GSDs at Open level and German Spitz at CC level and am on the GS Club of GB and GS Breeders and Owners Club's A List for German Spitz.
I have judged GSDs since 2004 and German Spitz since 2007.

A1 Specialist list for German Spitz
B Specialist list for German Shepherd Dogs
B list for Japanese Spitz

CC Appointments

German Spitz

7/7/17 Awarded CCs in German Spitz Mittels at East of England 
9/7/17 Awarded CACs in German Spitz Mittel Other Colours at SSKY (Breed club speciality show) Lahti, Finland 
23/9/18 Awarded CCs in German Spitz Klein at Driffield 

3/11/19 CCs in German Spitz Mittel at German Spitz Club of Great Britain

Open Shows

04/09/2010 Wolsingham & Wear Agricultural Society - Utility breeds
8/9/2018 Lothian Canine Club - Utility breeds and Group


21/11/2004 Ashington & District CS
17/07/2011 Durham County Canine Association (Replacement judge)

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Judging Appointments
Judging Seminars & Exams
German Spitz Results/Critiques
Ripon & District Canine Society 4/6/2023
Cumberland Canine Association 5/2/2023
Northumberland County Show 3/6/2022
Selkirk & District Canine Society 14/4/19
Lothian Canine Club 8/9/2018
Durham County Canine Association 17/07/2011
Wolsingham and Wear 3/9/2010
Ashington & District CS 21/11/2004
Northern Japanese Spitz Club 23/2/2020